Q: Who do I call to book a gig at the Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe?
A: PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE CAFE OR STOP BY TO DISCUSS BOOKING. CONTACT US HERE and the message will make it directly to the cafe owner.

Q: How do you choose who gets booked?
A: Many factors go into the booking decisions. In general, we are seeking artists who fit the space well, perform at least 90 minutes of original work and will create great energy.

Q: What do I need to send to get booked?
A: We need a sample of your music (myspace or your own website is best). If you are booked, we will need a stage plot, input list, picture of your group, a writeup / bio for our publicity, and a phone number to reach the artist if needed on the day of the performance.

Q: What do I need to bring to the gig?
A: We have a full sound system in house and a sound engineer who knows how to use it well. Show up with your instrument in hand and we'll get you set up!

Q: Why is your calendar empty on some Fridays between May and September?
A: There is a downtown summer concert series that takes place on the lawn of the Old Capitol Building, across the street from us. In support of the concert, we do not book on those Friday evenings.