Lake Street Dive

For the past four years, audiences in Boston and the surrounding area have continually relied on Lake Street Dive to deliver performances replete with strong pop sensibilities, sassy lyrics, exuberant live interaction and irreverence for convention.

"Exquisite chemistry...fresh-faced pop concoctions laced with sharp, funny lyrics." -Jon Garelick, The Boston Phoenix

"Joyous blend of horn-driven Southern Soul, rugged jazz, twee-pop, and funky folk." -CD BABY

"A bold step towards a new musical amalgam..." -Ken Schaphorst

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And since the release of their sophomore album "Promises, Promises" their presence been received with fanfare in places as remote as the foothills of North Carolina and as vibrant as the ever-teeming Chicago music scene. They are well-traveled, well-rehearsed and well-fed. Whether it's keeping Iowans dancing in the torrential rain during a performance at the Iowa City Arts Festival, selling out shows at Cambridge go-to hot-spots Club Passim and The Lizard Lounge or being winners of the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting Competition for their song "Sometimes When I'm Drunk and You're Wearing My Favorite Shirt," Lake Street Dive ropes people in with an attractive combination of whimsy and musical maturity. Bridget Kearney thunders the floorboards with her powerful, blazing bass lines. Mike Calabrese keeps heads bopping with his sensual, spring-loaded stick work. Mike Olson rips apart expectations, either shotgunning his pick across his Fender or lulling you into a dream with his dulcet trumpet playing, and Rachael Price cuts to the core of any soul, invoking the deep emotion of 50's crooners as well as the lightening-edged glare of glam rock. Let us also not forget, the background vocals rock!

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