Mary Elaine Morales

While listening to the mellow sounds of her mother’s soprano wafting through the womb to the lilting melody of the alphabet song, Mary Elaine Morales knew music would forever be a part of her life. She can tell when music is playing even with her eyes closed! Growing up exposed to music of all genres—from bluegrass, to salsa, from classical piano to psychedelic prog rock—and having lived through the childhood shame of being forced to sing show tunes on a trampoline for New-Years-resolutionary-fitness-buffs at the local YMCA, has left Mary with unique and varied musical tastes, and an adaptability to whatever melodious mischief comes her way. Her penchant for run-on sentences, fabricated vocabulary, hyphens, and alliteration (internal and otherwise) lend Mary’s lyrics a strength of language that has best been described as refreshingly unpredictable, yet entirely accessible to those inclined to listen.

As a singer, songwriter, pianist, and mediocre guitar player, Mary has performed professionally in such far off lands as Kentucky, Illinois, Mississippi, California, AND Wisconsin! She’s written for film, theatre, and dance, and is prized for her ability to cater to the needs of a diverse clientele. Mary finds inspiration by much, including the story-telling techniques of traditional folk music, the quirky and raw accompaniments of contemporary lo-fi, and the mad polyphonic stylings of Renaissance composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. Mary has been favorably compared to the likes of Aimee Mann, Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman, Regina Spektor, Joni Mitchell, and (surprise, surprise!) Tori Amos.

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